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At eDice creating lots of listings in a short time is simple and easy. In all examples, we use Amazon as Source Market and eBay as a Target Market, for the simple reason that these are the largest and and a lot of sellers are already familiar with these markets.

With eDice, sellers can conveniently list hundreds of products either by pasting product identifiers from Source Market, like Amazon ASINs. eDice fetches, price data, quantity, specifications and details and automatically builds listings based upon user modifiable predefined templates.

Sellers have an option to publish automatically approved listings or publish manually approved listings to the Target Market like eBay. Each source market uses different types of product identifies like UPC, MPN or EAN, eDice gracefully makes use of these product identifiers based upon the Source Market.

Sellers can create their own templates, which eDice uses to create professional looking listings from these templates. . Seller can list their products individually, single products or bulk lists of products. This is what eDice do with the list of items.

eDice is for everyone, no matter whom you are or where you are. You can easily and automatically buy and sell thousands of items on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Shopify and more in US, UK, Germany, China amd India. More countries and more market places are everyday.

We offer a safe secure network for your transactions. With eBay and Amazon Authetntications, you earn immediate credibility. Your eBay and Amazon seller's ranks are immediately visible on eDice when you list a prodcut. Credibility you have earned on eBay is your pride.

eDice is architecting and enabling a market place to connect renowned market places in one place. So that you can sell and your customers can buy goods and products easily. While maintaining your credibility which you have established in years at eBay, Amazon, Walmart or Sears.

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